Email Filtering, Archiving, and Encryption for Compliance

Many of our clients need to control their e-mail – for record-keeping, secrecy, or compliance. For better or for worse, e-mail maintenance is an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task.

From insurance brokers looking to reduce their risk of exposure, to healthcare entities needing to retain their HIPAA compliance, our clients have turned to our simple cloud solution.

Email Compliance Bundle

Our compliance bundle is organized to help you easily customize email filtering, archiving and encryption services to meet industry standards with one convenient package.

  • Archiving – Choose to automatically archive e-mails for a period of up to 10 years
  • Filtering – Control both inbound and outbound filtering services. Checking the appropriate compliance box sets up automatic filters in accordance with current, up-to-date policy. Input extra filters for sensitive information specific to your business.
  • Automatic Encryption – Automatically encrypt e-mails based on specific regulations. Different types of compliance, such as HIPAA, are rendered as simple as a check box. Literally, check the HIPAA box, and your e-mail services will not only ensure compliance that day. They will also be automatically updated as regulations change.
  • Manual Encryption – Our clients need to send out sensitive information for the purpose of client correspondence or even corporate banking. This includes credit card numbers, tax information, social security numbers, or patient/client data. When your automatic encryption will not be applied to an email, you only need to type out the word in the title or body, “[ENCRYPT],” and the communique will be picked up and placed in the cloud. Only the intended recipient can retrieve it.

Secure Access to Encrypted E-mail

To receive encrypted messages, the user need only register and log into our cloud portal. The process enables encrypted message viewing across all devices, PC, laptop, and mobile.

Controlling email from one safe location ensures the highest level of security, integration and convenience.