Easy Migration to IBM Storage Area Network (SAN) – V3700, V5000 and V7000


As we have mentioned, IBM Storage Area Networks (SANs) bring enterprise level storage features to a price point designed for the SMB market. They have impressed us with their level of commitment to small and mid-sized businesses, and their V3700, V5000, and V7000 SANs all offer substantial efficiency gains over the competition. Entering the SMB market is not enough. They want to take the biggest slice of the pie.

Small firms face a difficult decision when choosing their storage solution. They do not want to discard old storage systems. Even if the old SAN or NAS is antiquated, completely replacing the old system with a brand-new one seems wasteful and difficult to manage.

The V3700 climbs over this barrier with easy migration. The V5000 and V7000 jump.

V3700 Easy Migration

The V3700 SAN is the smallest SAN offered by IBM. It facilitates the transition from old technology to the new by enabling an easy, expedited one-time transfer. IT professionals, like us, power can migrate the data in a matter of hours, ensuring the greatest possible amount of uptime and a minimum of service charges.

The larger SANs make the process even easier.

For the V5000 and V7000, Easy Migration Becomes Synchronized Use

The V5000 and V7000 are steps up from the V3700, and they both enable full utilization of old systems through smart data-allocation. Set-up is an easy process of hooking up the IBM SAN in front of the old storage system. Then we connect them. It is that simple.

The IBM SAN looks at the old storage as though it were an extra drive, or shelf. The SAN controller will even redistribute data on the old system in the most efficient way possible. This depends on how often data is used. Commonly used data will be sent to the fastest drives, and backups/archives will be transferred to the slower, legacy systems. For more information on this data allocation feature, see our blog on Easy Tier.

In short, the V5000 and up continue to capitalize your old investments in the most efficient way possible, while still expediting your data retrieval rates for important information. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like a demo.