Do You Really Need Another Server?

How do you feel when someone mentions upgrades or enhancements to your office’s technology? For most doctors and business owners, their stomachs turn. About 1 in every 3 of us report feeling overwhelmed by technology. In doctors’ offices, new tools often require a server and more time with technology instead of patients. Before long, a closet stacks up three or more servers that cost thousands of dollars and cause more problems than they solved.

Virtualization (the virtual version of operating systems or data storage) is a simple way to eliminate the need for new servers. In utilizing new technologies, upgrades and enhancements has become more palatable – more like a common flu than avian flu. Today, the hardware in servers is powerful enough to run multiple desktops and operating systems. A single physical server can do the job of three or more servers without breaking a sweat.

The Benefits of Virtualization

Decrease capital costs – Virtualization decreases the amount of servers a business requires. By reducing servers and physical infrastructure, the need for more space, power and cooling are also reduced.

Improved disaster prevention – Virtualization technologies can securely backup and migrate servers with no interruption in service. You will eliminate the need for planned downtime and recover immediately from unplanned issues.

Less maintenance and management – Better management tools will give you the ability to make upgrades without the need for more administration.

Improved availability and flexibility – Requiring employees to be in a specific place, during limited times, reduces their productivity. Virtualization allows you to deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments that users can access locally or remotely, with or without a network connection, on almost any standard desktop, laptop or tablet PC.

As technology progresses, small businesses shouldn’t have to keep buying new servers. To solve the burden of new hardware, virtualization technologies have been refined and perfected over the last thirty years. There’s never been a better time to implement virtualization technologies in order to save money and improve your capabilities.