Debunking the Security Myth: Hackers Will not Bother My Small Business

Many small business owners believe their company flies under the radar of hackers, but this viewpoint does not consider how hackers operate. Think about it: what kind of business is most likely to suffer from robbery – a well-known bank or the corner store?

Hackers Are Like ‘Sentinels’ from The Matrix

The truth is, small businesses are actually more susceptible to danger than large targets. Most hackers are not looking for trade secrets, but rather for sensitive information, such as bank accounts, social security numbers, passwords, and credit cards. They have automated programs scouring the web for specific vulnerabilities, and when a program finds a URL matching their specifications, they hone in on the URL.

These programs are like the Sentinels from The Matrix. If you watched that movie, Sentinels were those creepy, many-armed machines. They constantly scanned for the heat signatures of human ships. When a matching signature registered, the Sentinel would launch itself into an attack, tunneling into the vessel with a small mining laser and metal pincers. Humans’ best defense was to avoid detection altogether. For small businesses, your level of security determines whether your site is on a hacker’s radar.

Security Solutions

If a hacker is alerted to your website, then he/she knows you can be hacked. Firewalls are incredibly important because they do not show vulnerability to initial probes. It is also important to keep firewalls updated through active security services and monitoring. These services update your firewalls regularly, adjusting to hacker threats as they are identified around the globe. If a particular tactic is seen in China, then your firewall will be updated before the threat moves to the United States.

Because we know how important security is to your business, we automatically include Dell SonicWALL security with our suite of products. This allows us to manage your security for you at a low cost. It is the simplest, most effective way to prevent threats.