Cybersecurity Questions & Answers

Let Centerpoint IT consultants help you protect private information and company resources. To find more, give us a call at (404) 781-0200.  

Cybersecurity Questions & Answers Every CISO Needs to Know

Let Centerpoint IT consultants help you protect private information and company resources. To find more, give us a call at (404) 781-0200.  

Cybersecurity is an emerging field that requires savvy and determination. Atlanta-based Centerpoint IT serves its clients with innovative products and services designed to deter cyberattacks. As part of our commitment to become the preferred technology partner to small to midsize businesses, we have compiled this list of cybersecurity questions and answers.

How much does a cybersecurity attack cost?

According to IBM, data breaches cost about $4 million per incident. This includes large, multi-corporate attacks to small businesses attacked by hackers. Greater awareness and priority is needed. For instance, 57% of CISO don’t know the location of their sensitive data and 68% say they need additional resources in development and security.

With the Internet of things expected to hit the 20.8 billion mark by 2020, threats are growing at an exponential rate, making it imperative to seek out a partnership with a trusted IT managed services company, such as Centerpoint IT, with a robust cybersecurity offering.

How can companies predict cybercrime?

There are tools available that tools to detect and contain data breaches. These include Azure Security Center and Phish Hunter. They detect the presence of sophisticated malware and take precautions against spreading them. Work with your managed service provider to find out which are most applicable to your data.

Do small organizations really need to worry about hackers?

Beyond the headlines impacting millions of users, everyday losses impact smaller businesses that can least afford them. Phishing and social engineering perpetrators trick employees into giving up their credentials, which are used to cancel classes and refund the money to hackers. If your company uses electronic funds transfers, it’s less vulnerable.

What’s the best cybersecurity training strategy?

“Cybersecurity is a concern for all modern organizations. These organizations cannot achieve their cybersecurity goals through hardware and information technology (IT) workers alone, so all employees who use computer networks must be trained on the knowledge, skills and policies related to cybersecurity,” according to SHRM.

Multifactor authentication helps to prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive data with pilfered credentials, but employees need to learn how to avoid and report phishing attacks, which account for 90% of data breaches. Include a stake that employees can relate to during cybersecurity training. For example, no one wants their individual personal data accessed. Explain that cybersecurity vulnerabilities put everyone at risk.

Do you visualize the risk of critical assets?

Is there documentation that gives you an overview of where your data exists? Unstructured data lakes are great targets for cybercriminals due to a general lack of structure and protection. Endpoint devices are another juicy target with many of these devices connected to the network.

Major causes of this miasma include multiple sources of risks and the failure to consider all the peoples, technology and processes that impact your company’s security.

IEEE suggests working with your IT managed service provider to use a multiprong approach that includes:


  • Operating systems
  • Cryptographic technology
  • Better training and procedures
  • Authentication
  • Anti‐virus/malware tools
  • Self‐monitoring systems

Without updated and thoughtful security measures, your network can easily succumb to costly downtime. Let Centerpoint IT consultants help you protect private information and company resources. To find more, give us a call at (404) 781-0200 or send a message to