Centerpoint IT Urges Local Business Owners to Keep Cyber-Security Top of Mind

Atlanta IT Support Provider Highlighting Top 3 Cyber-Security Threats Facing Business-Owners and How to Stay Protected

Though National Cyber-Security month wrapped up in October, Atlanta’s Centerpoint IT is urging local business-owners to keep IT security concerns top of mind throughout the entire year.  In order to keep the conversation going, the team of experts at Centerpoint IT want to highlight the top 3 cyber-security threats facing today’s business-owners.


  • Hacking attacks are committed by highly-skilled computer and IT experts who are capable of gaining unauthorized access to networks and computers. Hacking attacks occur in an attempt to obtain and misuse confidential business data or resources.
  • Crackers are the facilitators of hacker-style crimes described above. Crackers are highly skilled at circumventing security measures employed by business-owners in order to gain access to data.


  • Ransomware attacks are deployed using malicious software. that is designed to take hold of a business’ network and data and hold them ‘hostage’ until the stipulated amount of money is paid.
  • Ransom is usually demanded in internet currency (bitcoins) and no access to data can be restored until the ransom is paid. This can bring productivity and business continuity to a screeching halt.

Social Engineering / Spear Phishing

  • Social Engineering is an increasingly common type of cybercrime that targets staff members in an effort to get access to confidential business data.
  • Spear phishing is a common method of Social Engineering. Spear phishing attempts arrive via email, spoofing the sender address one familiar to the receiver. By posing as a trusted colleague or respected superior, the scammers then prompt receivers to enter confidential business data, like important passwords or codes to gain unauthorized access.

These methods of intrusion, among others, are part of an increasingly prevalent and threatening cybercrime problem. In light of their departure from Dell, the new team at SonicWall have recommitted to driving leadership in next-generation firewall features and security mechanisms for business-owners. Centerpoint IT has been a SonicWall partner for 10 years and knows firsthand just how beneficial SonicWall applications and solutions can be for business-owners looking to defend against cybercrime. SonicWall offers a variety of top-of-the-line security solutions to help business-owners control data access and manage network security.

Centerpoint IT CTO, Wayne Gosselin and the entire team of experts at Centerpoint IT are committed to keeping Atlanta business owners informed and proactive in the fight against cybercrime.  “In an increasingly fast-moving and technology-based world, cyber-attacks on businesses can take a variety of convincing forms.” Gosselin says. “Awareness is the best defence – staying informed is the best way to keep your staff on the ball. Staying in the know allows for a proactive approach to implementing the best solutions available.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about cybercrime threats in all forms and how to stay proactive, please don’t hesitate to contact Wayne Gosselin to schedule a conversation.

Wayne Gosselin, CTO – Centerpoint IT, Inc.


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