Customer Service Is the Key to Sustainable Revenue Growth


You might think your revenue comes from the value of your product, or of the service you provide. In reality, it is much more accurate to say this: your revenue comes from your customers. Sounds almost stupidly simple, but it is true, and particularly true for services companies like ours.

This philosophy is not new, and we are certainly not the only ones who practice it, but we have seen our commitment to customer service work. Empirically, we know that taking care of our customers provides a stable base for your business and has supported the slow and stable growth of our network. If we – a managed IT services firm who installs computer hardware and manages cloud services – rely on customer service to generate our business, then it’s more than likely any small-to-mid-sized business could benefit.

To us, customer service is before the sale, during the sale and after the sale. By emphasizing each point of connection between us and our customers, we stay in a position to help later, when a new service or technology could improve operations or increase efficiencies. From the client side, it is much easier to deal with one trusted vendor than a new vendor each time. We experience the same benefit because we do not need to constantly acquire new customers, instead focusing on helping our existing client base.

When you look at our sales, we slowly gain new customers, but we continue to service our existing client base. That is because we prioritize taking care of our customers above all other concerns. All of us have read Delivering Happiness and take it to heart. The work has been so influential, it is now a website – devoted to helping your company learn, grow and, of course, deliver happiness to your customers. Because happiness is ultimately what will keep your business afloat.

We take that concept as a culture around our office. In a counterintuitive way, focusing on the happiness of the people and organizations you serve, keeps you happier than focusing on yourself. Work environment becomes generally more positive, and customers pick that up. Our surveys show us we get great reviews from our clients. Our average is between 9.5 and 9.8 out of 10. For a 13-employee firm, every single one of those satisfied customers is a big win.