2021 Pricing Guide: Cost of IT Support in Atlanta

Considering Managed Services? Centerpoint IT has released our 2021 pricing guide to the true costs of managed IT services in Atlanta.

Cost of IT Support in Atlanta (2021 Pricing Guide)

Outsourcing IT management comes with the promise of helping you save on costs. But exactly how much is the price of IT support in Atlanta?

For many organizations, IT management tops the list of the most expensive projects, and reasonably so. As an organization, IT is the foundation of your day-to-day operations, from conceptualization to production, marketing, and follow-ups. Even as you seek to find the best team to run your networks, you must see that all of their services are value-priced — and that every dollar you pay is well used. As you interrogate your financials at the end of a fiscal year, you only concentrate on the recorded values. What if I told you that this is just the tip of the iceberg?

IT support costs go far beyond the amounts paid to your service provider… perhaps the highest price you can pay is network downtime.

Cost of IT Support in Atlanta

What Is the Cost of Network Downtime?

According to Gartner, a minute of site downtime costs organizations up to $5600 on average. If you are in the U.S., it can extrapolate to over $300,000/hour.

Does Network Downtime Only Occur When Your Systems Crash? Not really. Downtime is anytime when your technology limits your staff’s performance. It could be slow browsers or sluggish printers — any IT complication that increases the time and effort needed to perform a task. Once you can track how much this “hidden downtime” costs your organization, you begin to understand IT support’s real value.

Let’s work with an average employee salary of $35,000 / year. If this worker is entitled to a total of two weeks of vacation per year, this means that they make about $17.50 / hour. In a typical day in the office, slow workstations cause them to lose a couple of minutes each hour. This translates to 16 minutes every day…1 hour and 20 minutes for the week. The cumulative weekly cost would be $23.28, and over a year, this would be $1,210.56 — for just one employee. This is besides inadvertent incidences of breakdowns that can cause downtimes lasting for hours. Correcting these glitches also requires more money.

The truth is that paying less for an IT support company that exposes you to higher chances of downtimes and system disruptions is not cost-effective. Incurring a slightly higher IT support cost for a competent team is a better option, and will, in turn, help you save more.

How About Having Salaried In-house IT Personnel?

  • You have to acquire, maintain, and update all the software and hardware — a responsibility that outsourcing support would exempt you from.
  • You also have to pay your staff hefty salaries and bonuses. A mid-level IT specialist earns about $125,000/year on average; you may need up to ten experts or so depending on your organization’s size.

Generally, insourcing IT management is more expensive compared to outsourcing support. Some SMBs also opt just to have a random ‘IT Guy’ check their systems only on-demand. In the Atlanta, GA metro area, such services are offered at between $75 and $150 per hour. Again, this may not be the best of the financial decisions you can make. Besides, a random person doesn’t understand your systems that much.

Looking to Leverage Quality, Reliable, Cost-Effective IT Support in Atlanta?

The trick is to find a competent support team that will minimize incidences of costly interruptions, data breaches, and downtimes.

Our Centerpoint team of experts will:

  • Constantly monitor your networks for any slowdowns and promptly implement mitigation measures.
  • Work with you in designing and deploying cost-effective solutions to all your IT support needs.

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