Computer Network Consulting Solutions In Metro Atlanta

At Centerpoint IT, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses streamline their communications, steer clear of cyber threats and keep up with IT trends. 

Computer Network Consulting Solutions In Metro Atlanta

Differentiating your business from the competition in the post-COVID-19 era could mean having an efficient computer networking infrastructure. You’ve probably read about the accelerated migration to the cloud and the increase in remote work as companies adjust to the ‘new normals’ brought about by the pandemic. With this in mind, you can set yourself up for success by working with a reliable computer network consulting company. At Centerpoint IT, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses streamline their communications, steer clear of cyber threats and keep up with IT trends.

Read on to learn more about our computer network consulting solutions.

Computer Network Infrastructure Consulting

Running a business in the digital landscape where almost every aspect is highly active online isn’t a straightforward process for everyone. You’ll need to be good at several technical aspects to avoid downtime and other inconveniences that may end up frustrating your clients. Essentially, you need to maximize all the recent technologies to remain competitive within your space. However, monitoring and managing network infrastructure for most companies can be time-consuming. Also, you may not be fully efficient at managing components like switches, routers, and firewalls. This is where computer network consulting from an IT professional can help.

With our expert computer network consulting services, we provide our clients with the opportunity to optimize network security, connectivity, and functionality. We have on-site and remote network support service teams to ensure that all your systems and networks run smoothly. This way, you can connect complex data centers and successfully deliver huge amounts of data in real-time.

Here is what you get with our computer network consulting services:

  • Advanced network solutions
  • Network traffic collision detection
  • WAN/WLAN/LAN optimization and support
  • Server administration consulting
  • ISP/VOIP vendor management
  • Network Strategy and Planning
  • Bandwidth and latency detection

Computer Network Consulting Back-Up Services

Data loss from disasters such as floods, fire, and cyber threats can lead to lost revenues, upset customers, and even bankruptcy. Notably, up to 90% of businesses without a proper disaster management plan are out of business within two years after a major disaster. Having a reliable backup service on-site or the cloud will save you time, ensure business continuity, and help you maintain a competitive advantage.

Computer network consulting experts at Centerpoint IT can offer you different types of managed backup services, such as:

  • Cloud back up
  • On-site back up
  • Backups for your remote employees

Computer Network Security and Monitoring

Today’s businesses are reliant on various interconnected devices. Notably, employees are also increasingly using personal devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones at the workplace. This makes it easier for workers to connect to the company network from anywhere. The increased number of connected devices and the ease of data access also raises concerns over IT infrastructure security and company data. Cyber attackers are constantly looking for new ways of causing harm to organizations’ IT infrastructure and accessing sensitive data. As such, you need a robust IT security infrastructure and monitoring that supports all business processes. Centerpoint’s IT experts ensure that you have reliable security layers covering your entire network, endpoints, analysis, vulnerability management, and monitoring. Using our managed and monitoring services, you can be assured of advanced threat detection, incident response, managed endpoint, and 24/7 monitoring.

Cloud Consulting Services

With the inception of cloud computing, more and more companies are quickly adapting to this development, since it has shown the various limitations in traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud-based services offer businesses a much more reliable and scalable IT infrastructure that helps to support development while also streamlining business performance and growth. Another major reason why businesses move to cloud-based services is the ability to keep their data more secure. Keeping in mind the rising cases of cyber security, if you don’t have an effective way to keep your data safe, you could be a victim of security threats, and you could suffer data loss, which could lead to costly downtime. Many businesses find it difficult to adapt to this new trend because their technological environments are inefficient at responding to these changes.

As a top IT computer network consulting company, we can assist your business in migrating to the cloud and supporting your cloud-based environment. Our highly skilled IT consultants will assist you with:

  • Creating an effective cloud strategy and roadmap
  • Supporting and securing your cloud environment
  • Evaluating your cloud readiness
  • Migrating to the cloud

Our computer network consulting team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in several cloud computing solutions. We will fully support your business environment and ensure that we fill in management gaps so you don’t have to worry about the absence of an entire IT department in your company. Better yet, cloud computing gives you additional data backups, which is one of the most important aspects of any modern business. In case you lose your data, you can recover it all without encountering any downtime. Moreover, you don’t have to hire an in-house team for updates and maintenance because we will handle all the software updates remotely. Also, as remote work continues to become a norm, cloud computing facilitates teamwork of all employees, regardless of their location, because of easier resource sharing.

Microsoft Services

Technological revolutions do not seem to come to a halt any time soon, and businesses must adapt to the new trends to remain competitive. When it comes to cloud services, Microsoft services are a one-size-fits-all that can help you get ahead in the cloud. Using our computer network consulting services will help you get the best out of your Microsoft infrastructure. We have the technical expertise to manage, configure, install, and upgrade various Microsoft products such as Office 365.

Microsoft services help you to improve your scalability and sustainability. You will also have easy and effective disaster recovery for your data. Additionally, you will minimize any downtime in case of corrupt data, system failure, and more. You will also have more productive employees because you don’t have to focus on fixing IT systems or implementing new technologies.

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