Computer Consulting Services In Atlanta

Centerpoint IT provides business computer consulting services for Atlanta companies. Call our team of computer consultants in Atlanta.

Computer Consulting Services In Atlanta

Centerpoint IT provides Atlanta companies and businesses with affordable and reliable Network Support and IT consulting services that allow them to optimize operations, nurture innovation, streamline their networks, enhance performance and minimize costly downtimes. Our computer consulting services gives you an option to have all your IT needs fully taken care of without having a full-time IT team on your staff roll. Whether you need on-site/remote computer support, network creation and monitoring, backup and data recovery services, managed cloud services, IT security services, and more, the Centerpoint IT consultants have your back.

Computer Consulting Services In Atlanta

Computer Consulting For Atlanta Companies

Network infrastructure consulting

The productivity and success of your organization depend on robust and secure network infrastructure. Unfortunately, monitoring and managing your network infrastructure components like firewalls, routers, switches, and load balances can be time-consuming. You can leave these tasks to us so you focus your resources on more strategic initiatives. Our experienced managed network services team offers both remote and on-site enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring that gives you the assurance your networks and systems are running smoothly. Our team will help uncover blind spots in your network and establish a robust infrastructure system that eases your company’s processes for improved overall efficiency.

Our comprehensive managed network services include:

  • WAN/LAN/WLAN optimization and support
  • Network traffic collision detection
  • ISP/VOIP vendor management
  • Advanced network solutions
  • Bandwidth and latency detection
  • Server administration consulting

Cloud consulting services

Cloud computing is on the rise, with more and more businesses in Atlanta taking advantage of the benefits it offers. As a leading computer consulting service provider in Atlanta, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you with cloud strategy, migrating to the cloud, and supporting your cloud-based environment. Our managed cloud services guarantee top-notch performance, reliability, and scalability with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team.

Specifically, our highly experienced team of IT consultants will help with:

  • Assessing your cloud readiness
  • Selection of ideal platform, either public vs. private environment
  • Creating a cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Migrating to cloud
  • Securing and supporting your cloud environment.

Security and monitoring

In the current highly digitized business environment, organizations are being targeted increasingly by advanced cyber threats. Notably, your IT infrastructure needs robust layers of security to stay secure. We offer comprehensive IT security solutions covering your entire networks, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring, and analysis. Our goal is to detect, prevent and eliminate threats and safeguard your investments to meet compliance regulations. Centerpoint IT’s cybersecurity specialists have spent several years focused on understanding the security needs of organizations in various industries and will design customized cybersecurity solutions that best suit your needs. Our managed and monitored security services include:

  • Incidents response: We provide the reliable support you need to respond to incidents proactively and minimize damage. We leverage top-notch tools to monitor your network traffic for any malicious behaviors.
  • Advanced threat: Our experts leverage top-notch solutions to detect malicious activity before it spreads. We will not only block threats from accessing your systems, but we also ensure they never recur.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring: We will equip your organization with robust round-the-clock protection. Our experts continuously monitor your networks and system from our central command center in Atlanta to ensure your business is free of any intrusions.
  • Managed endpoint: In today’s remote working environment, there is a need to manage and secure your company’s devices. Our experts will authenticate and supervise the access rights of endpoint devices to your network while applying security policies that prevent any external or internal threats.

Back up services

Disasters can hit your businesses when you least expect them. Consistent backing and testing recovery of your crucial documents, data, and business communications in the cloud or on-site servers is an effective way to ensure business continuity in case of accidents such as fire, floods, and more. We offer backup services that enable you to recover, restore and rebuild your network system should the worst happen. Some of the types of managed backups services that we offer include:

  • On-site backup appliance: This backup is designed for your servers and is placed on-site and backed up to a cloud data center
  • Cloud back up: These backup services take your crucial data and documents from cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and back it up to a remote location separate from Microsoft servers
  • Backups designed for remote users: Our experts will back up files locally to a cloud location from the remote user’s device, such as laptops or PCs.

Microsoft services

We provide Microsoft support and consulting services to businesses of all sizes in Atlanta. Partnering with us ensures you are getting the most out of your Microsoft infrastructures. Our expert consultants have the technical know-how and experience to install, manage, troubleshoot, configure and upgrade a range of Microsoft products, including Office 365, without disrupting your normal business operations. Essentially, advanced configuration and workflows can be easier to set up and manage with reliable Microsoft support.

Why Choose Our Computer Consulting Services in Atlanta

There are several reasons why it makes sense to maintain an IT consulting team from Centerpoint IT. These include:

  • Reduced costs: For most businesses in Atlanta, maintaining a dedicated full-time IT department is too costly. Going for reliable computer consulting services like Centerpoint IT allows you to tap into the expertise and experience of outside professionals at a lower cost than you would spend hiring and training an internal team. We tap into greater economies of scale to deliver cheaper, better, and faster technology solutions and services.
  • Focus more on core business: Your workforce is happier and more productive when they focus on what they do best. Spending too much time implementing new technologies, maintaining systems, and fixing IT issues can lead to disengagement and decreased productivity. Leaving these issues to our IT consultants allows your internal staff to focus their time on revenue-generating activities they are better skilled in.
  • Minimize downtime: Even a few minutes of downtime from your websites or internal servers can cause tremendous business costs. In today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to maximize your uptime to stay competitive. Our experts can help resolve issues associated with corrupt data, internet connectivity, email communications, or systems failure so that you avoid costly downtimes and optimize efficiency. We provide a proactive approach towards maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, and systems maintenance.
  • Improved productivity: Our experienced IT consultants can help enhance your productivity by enabling better collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing that allows your workforce to innovate their tasks. We leverage central databases, file servers, mobile platforms, email communication, and broadband connectivity to enable capabilities that boost productivity.

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Centerpoint IT provides unmatched computer consulting services that cover a full spectrum of your business needs. From assessment, designing, set up, installation implementation, and maintenance, you can count on our highly experienced team of IT consultants to provide the guidance and support you need to keep your business moving forward. If you have any questions or simply need to request a quote, contact us today.

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