Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Knowledge that Will Be Commonplace: 3 Ideas


Businesses took a few years to understand how to harness all the advantages of the cloud. Now their customers are learning how cloud-enabled services can really set them apart from the competition and offer a better value.

As a value-added reseller (VAR), we play a large part in that cycle, essentially communicating what providers can offer – not only to our customers, but also to the END CUSTOMER. We notice what people need to hear in order to understand our value proposition. But lately, our customers have taken a step forward in their understanding of cloud backup and disaster recovery. Here are a few recent developments on the side of the customer – the knowledge that will help our customers use cloud backups and disaster recovery as game changers.


  1. Cloud Solutions are not just for disaster – People are incorporating cloud software (SaaS) and services more and more into their businesses. And they aren’t just thinking about disaster recovery, as much as focusing on ways to prevent service interruptions. So while the occasional server crash might interrupt your business, it is not the end of the world. Cloud-based solutions are being seen as increasingly reliable and secure, as as a shelter for critical processes that temporarily fail.

  2. Businesses can recognize the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup – This is a big one. Box and Dropbox are examples of cloud storage, but cloud-based disaster recovery provides services in addition to the proper management, sharing and storage of data. DR in the cloud lets you run mission-critical systems in the cloud. Gartner calculates that this trend in cloud DR will become the standard by 2017.

  3. The cloud is secure – A little hesitation on the edge of the cloud makes sense. That’s because the physical location of your data and systems are no longer directly under your control, or supervision. But the technical sophistication and security protections afforded by cloud services are giving more and more reasons to trust the cloud. And considering the access to high level services and expertise that can only exist in a cloud environment – the pros are beginning to outstrip the cons on this one.


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