Centerpoint’s Most Commonly Used Mobile Apps


Our customers ask us all the time about the apps we use, so here it is: a comprehensive list of the apps that drive our workforce’s productivity, individually, and as an SMB. We are a value-added reseller with a focus on conferencing technology. Interesting to note: plenty of the apps native to the mobile Operating System change the way we do business and are a vital consideration of any communications platform.


  1. Reach app – Our proprietary app extends conference call functionality features to your mobile device

  2. Email

  3. Phone

  4. Texting

  5. Facetime – iOS

  6. Camera – We use the convenient and powerful digital photography features to expedite site surveys and help our salespeople and technicians capture and send critical data

  7. Google Maps

  8. Waze App – Google acquired Waze in 2013 and has since integrated many of its core features, Waze continues to be useful on its own

  9. Weather app – The accuracy and convenience of having the weather report right on your phone saves time and expedites planning every day

  10. Skype – LINK to previous article

  11. LinkedIn

  12. iMeet – a cloud-based, professional video-conferencing solution that you can use with customers

  13. Nest App – A remote thermostat, which enables us to better regulate the temperature of our offices

  14. G4MX – Our security system

  15. Gotomeeting – An HD videoconferencing solution

  16. WebX – Our third video-conferencing tool, which we use to communicate and collaborate with vendors

  17. OneNote – A free Microsoft note-taking tool – cloud-enabled – extremely useful

  18. SendOutCards – Makes propriety and follow-through easier to achieve

  19. Tigerpaw – A CRM app for technicians that improves our level of service

  20. AroundMe – Find appropriate restaurants quickly

  21. Yelp

  22. Calendar App

  23. Lync


If you count the number of communications apps on this list, you will find that they comprise over half of this list. That is because interactions lie at the heart of what businesses do. Now more than ever.


It isn’t about the data anymore; it is about having the right piece of data at the right time, and sending the right data to the right people and the right machines. An effective app ecosystem will automate where it can, and simplify the rest, so you always have a quick, easy way to turn your thoughts into real action.