Centerpoint Is #1 Allworx Partner in Atlanta, GA in 2013!


Allworx recently announced that we were the #1 Allworx partner in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013, which will be the 5th consecutive year we have accepted this great honor! Our national ranking also rose from #9 (2012) to #7 out of more than 1,800 dealers in the United States.

Our success comes from our commitment to provide optimum service to our customers, for many of whom Allworx is the best choice currently on the market. Continuing education, innovation, growth and customer service has distinguished us as a Platinum Allworx Partner of Excellence (APEX). At the same time, our customers benefit from our priority Allworx technical support and expedited warranty support.

Customized Allworx Voiceover IP (VoIP)

Our Platinum status comes from our commitment to ensure the Allworx system does exactly what you need, conveniently, and with an enterprise-level quality of service (QoS). We go the extra mile on the backend to ensure continuous, dependable voice, but how you program and customize your system is equally important to the total value we provide.

Understanding how to integrate Allworx into your business functionality requires the time and thought of a knowledgeable technician, which is why we offer free training sessions on the second Tuesday of each month. Here is how simple the process is:

  1. Let us know you want to come in ahead of time (so we can order your lunch)
  2. Come on in to our Roswell office at 11285 Elkins Road
  3. Munch good food and tell a professional what you want your phone to do
  4. Learn how to customize your system to create the optimal phone service for your organization.
  5. This service is only one reason for our APEX status and our pole position in the Atlanta Allworx network. More importantly, we also continuously adjust and tweak our business to meet your needs.

Our Latest Convenience – IP Support (Plus) for Allworx

We are now offering an optional monthly support plan, which brings our service to your location. Subscribers will receive on-premise visits from an Allworx professional who will customize the system and show you how to use its full range of features. Call us at (404) 781-0200 if you are interested in learning more.

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