Cloud Business Communication with Centerpoint Elevate

Unified communications that allow employees to collaborate in real-time and share files are essential for organizational productivity.

Cloud Business Communication with Centerpoint Elevate

Remember way back when a business phone was just a tool to make and receive voice calls? Those were simpler times, but they are gone.

Today’s businesses are a lot more sophisticated, no matter their industry. Unified communications that allow employees to collaborate in real-time and share files are essential for organizational productivity.


Forward-looking companies are increasingly relying on cloud-based communication channels to facilitate employee collaboration and flexible customer-client communications. The keywords here are flexible communications and productivity.

Elevate is one of the newest and most sophisticated platforms designed to facilitate seamless and convenient modern communication in a corporate environment. This easy-to-use cloud-based business service is a unified communication platform that offers every current communication capability as a single service.

Advances in Unified Communication Platforms

There are dozens of business phone systems in the market today. After all, the market has grown by leaps and bounds, especially over the past two decades. However, despite the variety, companies are often forced to compromise on features or tools when choosing communications services because most platforms come short in one way or another.

Centerpoint Elevate packs all the features a company would want to have in a modern communications platform. Businesses that still rely on one-size-fits-all VoIP solutions and old-fashioned desktop phone systems will remain at a disadvantage for as long as they do not find out the benefits of investing in a Unified Communication platform like Elevate.

What Does Unified Communications Mean?

Every business today needs a phone line for internal and external communications. This is easy.

They also need an email platform to receive and send text and attachments, schedule meetings, and other communications. As the demands for modern businesses grow, they also need advanced hybrid communication services, such as content management and sharing platforms. Luckily, in the current market, they can easily find and subscribe to these services online.

Companies must invest in other services such as video conferencing, communication analysis and reporting tools, and voicemail transcription services, among others, to gain a competitive advantage and adapt to today’s ever-changing business climate.

The development of business communications has evolved to give rise to platforms that bring all these services under one roof. Elevate is everything outlined so far in this description and a lot more. Elevate is built to offer all communication and collaboration tools your company needs to thrive no matter the industry or size of the company.

Key Features of Centerpoint Elevate Unified Communications Platform

Elevate is a new business communication platform that replaces end-of-life technologies. It adopts a cloud-first strategy and uses advanced tools to tackle human latency while boosting productivity and communication efficiency in a corporate environment. Its top features include:

But what features make Elevate so special? Here, we will outline seven of the best.

1. Phone Audio and Video Calls

Elevate is a traditional phone service that employees can use to make and receive calls at its bare bones. The platform takes this capability a notch higher with support for both audio and video calls and content sharing.

2. Conference Audio and Video Calls

Elevate features a conference bridge on which users can host their own or join other conference calls. The platform comes with robust hardware that enables employees to be on multiple phone and video calls simultaneously.

3. Content and File Sharing

Efficient collaboration in any environment is only possible with tools designed with modern communication channels. Every modern company needs software applications that facilitate screen-sharing, instant messaging, and real-time latency-free file-sharing to boost employee productivity. Elevate integrates a range of communication devices into a single seamless collaboration solution.

4. Intuitive Communication

Elevate is a unique unified communication platform with 90+ advanced calling features with free domestic long-distance calling features. Despite this, it is as easy to use as an old-school desktop telephone. For instance, a convenient on-screen indicator makes it easy for a user to know whether a coworker is available for a call or not. Initiating a call on Elevate takes only a single click. It also has a convenient call flip feature to switch between active calls and devices easily.

5. Detailed Graphical Reporting

One of Elevate top-selling points is its powerful reporting feature. Employees and management of a company often need to have access to detailed communication reports without the pain of manually sorting, filtering, and analyzing records. Elevate eliminates such pain with a rich graphical call reporting feature. This allows companies to access and scrutinize communications and determine patterns at a glance.

6. Remote and Device Access

As the world drifts further into making remote work the new normal, communication technologies have evolved faster to stay ahead of the curve. Elevate is ahead of its time as it comprises a mobile app that lets employees use their smartphones as they would the desk phone at work. The app offers handy time-saving features such as voicemail transcription and an automated call routing attendant that saves employees effort and time.

7. Dependable Backup

Elevate’s backup feature is sophisticated enough to facilitate seamless collaboration between teams within and outside a company. It also ensures that the company suffers no losses or lost productivity due to accidental and malicious data loss.

Direct Benefits of Elevate

Centerpoint Elevate offers companies two main advantages:


Companies that have to subscribe to different communication services and invest in all kinds of hardware spend too much on merely keeping employees connected. They also have to pay extra on content sharing and collaboration, and backup services among others at direct costs.

Lost productivity, wasted time, and data loss also contribute to the costs a company pays for fragmented communication. Elevate unified communications platforms to help businesses cut costs with a convenient and straightforward pay-per-seat monthly billing. Companies can get to save money that they would have to spend on services they do not use.

Flexible and Scalable Communication

As a business grows, so must its communication tools. Traditional cloud-based services are convenient, but they are also a bottleneck to a growing company in an age when technology evolves fast. A company that uses Elevate’s communications services essentially pays Centerpoint to worry about keeping their communications flexible and affordable as the company grows.


Elevate stands out among many unified communications platforms because it delivers quality and reliable communication. Centerpoint achieves this with strong pre-qualification guidelines and sophisticated network testing tools to guarantee reliable connections with crystal-clear voice and video quality.

Do not take our word for it, though; schedule a time to talk to an expert at Centerpoint today and find out what direct and indirect ways this unified communications platform will elevate your company and drive its productivity to the next level.

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