Centerpoint IT Celebrates 12 Fantastic Years in Business!

As of January 1st, 2018, Centerpoint IT is proud to announce that we’ve been in business for 12 years. While we started as a traditional VoIP value-added reseller, we’ve grown to provide end-to-end services throughout the past 12 years – allowing us to meet all of our clients’ needs from basic IT infrastructure to communication and collaboration. We’re thrilled to have come this far and we look forward too many more years serving businesses throughout the Southeastern United States.

Trust all of your information technology needs to our team of experts – we know what we’re doing when it comes to providing the highest level of customer experience!

We go above and beyond simply handling information technology for those who work with us. Our team provides the highest level of customer experience possible! How do we do this? Our technical expertise and know-how, combined with our knowledge of business telephone solutions, makes us incredibly unique in the way we serve our clients.

We know big VoIP vendors aren’t able to offer their services at a realistic, affordable price point. We also know most IT providers that DO provide services you can afford don’t have the expertise large VoIP vendors do. That’s why we combine the best of both worlds – bringing you effective business phones that are reasonably priced with undeniably fantastic service.

Aside from business phones, you’re also able to count on us for a range of services your business needs to succeed, including:

  • Managed services
  • vCIO services
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Business continuity planning
  • Data archiving solutions
  • Cloud/virtualization solutions
  • And much more

Small to midsize businesses throughout the area need a partner they can rely on when it comes to navigating the complex, ever-evolving world of information technology. We fill that need as we provide the expertise necessary for technology services AND business phones. You can count on our team for all of your technology-related needs.

Doing business in the 21st century means upgrading to a VoIP system that provides the flexibility you crave while cutting costs compared to traditional phone systems.

If you haven’t yet moved to a VoIP system, it’s time to consider upgrading. Why? Because doing business in the 21st century requires a phone system that keeps up with your increasingly mobile workforce. Centerpoint IT understands the importance of staying flexible in today’s competitive marketplace.

We’ve been the #1 Allworx dealer in Atlanta for nine consecutive years. Allworx, an all-in-one VoIP system, is the most popular choice for small to midsize businesses that are looking to thrive in their industry. VoIP offers users a variety of high-end features at an affordable monthly cost:

  • Conference calling
  • Automated phone attendants
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Call recording
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Unified voice and fax messaging
  • And much more

What makes VoIP so appealing aside from the high-end features you’re able to have access to? Here are a few things:

  • Easily scalable: You can add or remove users in a moment’s notice without waiting days, or worse, weeks for an engineer.
  • Cost effective: Paying a flat-rate monthly fee for all calls, including long-distance, keeps costs low. Most businesses save between 30-50% of their annual telephony costs!
  • Future proof: You’ll always be compatible with new developments as VoIP systems stay updated with the latest software.
  • Low maintenance: Everything is taken care of for you as there’s no hardware to upgrade, maintain or replace.
  • Great control: You have control when it comes to creating call groups, switching your on-call recording, creating/deleting extensions, and more.
  • Incredible flexibility: If you have remote employees and/or offices, they’re able to stay connected to the same network.
  • Simplified management: Your management team has access to reports with important information, such as the number of calls, the average length of calls, who’s on the phone, etc.
  • Improved customer retention: Customers can get ahold of the right people whenever they need, even if they’re out of the office, which keeps them satisfied at all times.

We know VoIP is the future of business telephony, which is why we’re always happy to help businesses of all types and sizes migrate and enjoy the benefits of having a 21st-century business phone system. Our approach, our 12-year history, and our fantastic staff have allowed us to build a reputation for ourselves as the preferred VoIP provider throughout the Southeastern United States.

Who is Centerpoint IT?

Centerpoint IT was founded in 2006 as a traditional VoIP value-added reseller, however, we quickly realized our clients needed someone to take care of their information technology infrastructure as well. Thus, we evolved to provide everything a business needs technology-wise.

We consult with those we serve to help them make informed decisions, in order to achieve their long-term business goals and short-term initiatives. We take a holistic and proactive approach to serving our clients so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best service possible.

Ready to switch to VoIP? Call us at (404) 781-0200 or send us an email at to get started. We’re the right choice for businesses throughout Atlanta and the Southeastern United States.