Catholic Churches Throughout Atlanta Partner with Centerpoint for Telephone Services

Churches need the same level of dependability when it comes to communication. Here’s how Centerpoint IT helps Atlanta churches with their telephone service needs.

Having a reliable and modern phone system is important for more than just business. Churches, ministries, and houses of worship need the same high level of technology and dependability when it comes to communication technology as small businesses. Here’s how Centerpoint is helping Atlanta churches with their telephone service needs.

How Does Centerpoint Help Atlanta Churches with Telephone Services?

At Centerpoint IT, we understand that being able to make and receive phone calls is important to churches and religious centers. That’s why we happily help these Atlanta organizations with business telephone services. From setting up the initial equipment to troubleshooting problems, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist.

We also help with determining your business telephone needs as a faith-based organization. For example, a small congregation or parish might only need a minimal phone system, while a larger church would require one with more robust features. Our team is happy to offer recommendations for determining which aspects of a system are most crucial and provide a solid plan for implementation.

Why Does a Catholic Church Need a Business Phone System?

There are a variety of reasons why a church or other faith-based program would need a business phone system. The most obvious is the need for a telephone line to conduct everyday calls associated with running the organization. A few more of the most common reasons include:

  • Simplifying Information Delivery: Spreading faith takes time and effort. A quality business telephone system enables administration members to quickly send and receive information without delay.
  • Expanding the Church’s Reach: Communicating with members of the church is important. Top-notch telephone services offer the ability to reach a congregation through system integrations and social networking applications.
  • Streamlining Operations: Church and ministry faculty save time and effort with telephone services that prioritize tasks and provide easy-to-recognize alerts, such as email notifications when a voicemail or text message is received.

What Type of Systems Does Centerpoint Use for Telephone Services?

Centerpoint IT is proud to partner with Allworx to provide churches and religious organizations with our proven UC business telephones solution. This partnership ensures your telephone system is modernized and features the best elements available to help you communicate with members of the community, your congregation, faith-based leaders around the globe, and more.

There are varying degrees of how an Allworx telephone system can help a business or church program. Our Centerpoint IT team is pleased to help you determine which features are most crucial for your needs, which ones can help your organization grow, and which ones are less important. We can even provide regular training on new features and services associated with making your telephone system work for your needs.

Can Centerpoint IT Help with Virtual Phone Systems?

In some cases, it is wise for a church to have a virtual phone system. This type of setup offers greater flexibility including computer-as-a-phone use and the ability to make and receive phone calls from smartphones or tablets. It also provides video or web conferencing support, an automated attendant, and paging or intercom capabilities. There is even the option to receive unified messaging notifications by email, text, or phone.

Determining whether or not your organization needs a VoIP-style telephone system is not always easy. Instead, it is often best to work directly with a provider like Centerpoint IT that specializes in these types of integrations and telephone system installs. Please contact us today for further information.

How Does Centerpoint IT Assist Churches in Troubleshooting Current Phone Issues?

A downed phone system is more than just an inconvenience—it affects your ability to run your church or other organization. That’s why our Allworx Disaster Recovery Services are available to help you when you need it the most. Our two-hour response time ensures you get prompt attention and the knowledge required to bring your telephone system back working great again as soon as possible.

In one specific case, we were able to help a local Atlanta Catholic Church. After relocating their office to a new location, the staff noticed their Allworx phone system no longer forwarded voicemails to their emails. Not only were we able to assist with the issue, we also took a look at the rest of the system to ensure there weren’t any further breakdowns or problems.

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