Can You Hold Your Business IT Solution Accountable?

Do you understand your IT staff, or does your mind start wandering at the mention of “network” or “server?” Do you have any way of verifying that all systems, backups and software are under control? When there is a problem, do you know who to hold accountable, or will you have no idea what went wrong, when, or how it can be fixed?

IT problems are like illnesses. They may be impossible to predict, but they do not begin to damage your health until they have time to grow and spread. A managed IT services provider monitors your system and identifies problems before they impede your business flow. You do not need to know all the nitty-gritty details, but you do benefit from understanding where your IT stands, just as you benefit from your other departmental reports.

Control Your Technology with Simplified IT Reports

We develop rapport and engage you in your IT solutions by presenting regular reports on your IT functionality. If your servers are running out of space, or if your backups are failing consistently, we notify you of the issue. You choose the length of time in between our reports, and at those junctures we deliver the vitals of your network.

IT is not magic. Even if you do not understand every line of code, you can grasp the fundamentals necessary to make the right business decision. Our reports simplify your information systems for someone who is middle-level IT savvy and below. We answer the IT equivalent of heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol. Is the system regularly backing up data? How much free disk space do you have left? Are your systems failing to meet any of your pre-defined standards? If a problem did occur, when did the system experience it, and what are the possible solutions?

The hard data in our reports is presented in graphical representations and clearly listed information. We are like the dashboard in your car that will tell you when your tire pressure is low. Our level of dedication and personal care gives you direct control over your technology.