Can Your Atlanta IT Company Help with Business Telephones?

Which Atlanta IT company do you turn to for Allworx VoIP telephone and Unified Communications? Centerpoint IT offers telephone services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Business Telephone Systems For Businesses Across Metro Atlanta & North Georgia

Are you still using outdated landlines or phone models to communicate with your employees, business partners, or customers? If so, Centerpoint IT offers customizable VoIP systems that will modernize your network, streamline & simplify your equipment, and add features without killing your budget.

When you make the digital transformation to a VoIP telephone system, you will immediately notice a remarkable difference in reduced costs and higher efficiency, without all that hardware and cabling.

Upgrading Your Phone System is Vital for Your Business Success

Today, the best way to outpace your competition through technology. Communication technology, such as a VoIP system allows you to provide faster customer service and more efficient communication for your employees. The bottom line: there are far fewer steps to accomplish any communication task.

Employees Can Focus on Their Job

When your employees can meet the same objectives with less effort, then they are free to also work on other areas of their job. VoIP offers numerous automated features to cut down on all the steps it takes to make, receive, forward, or share a phone call.

Your Telephone Costs Go Way Down

You won’t believe how much money you save switching to a VoIP phone system. Most companies cut their business phone costs by up to 60%. Savings include equipment costs, equipment reduction, and of course, monthly bills. Where else could you allocate 60% of your phone expenditures?

Your Customers Will Love VoIP

While VoIP doesn’t solve all customer service issues, it does provide a smoother platform for customers to either get automated answers or get to a customer service agent much faster. You can offer a wide range of features for your customers such as auto assistant, call-forwarding, messaging, trunking, and lots more.

Some Top Features of Allworx Phone Systems

When it comes to choosing a top Allworx VoIP-based phone system, we recommend Allworx phone systems. Some top features include:

Allworx Disaster Relief

Unexpected emergencies present significant risks to your business continuity, employee/customer privacy, and sensitive data. These emergencies often include natural disasters, cyber attacks, power outages, or even an employee mistake.

  • Centerpoint IT prepares your phone system for possible emergencies that can affect the system’s performance.
  • If your company is experiencing an emergency, we can shift your communications to a new system instantly so that your entire team can still communicate.
  • We can respond and fully restore your system within two hours if everything goes wrong and you have to shut down completely.

Allworx IP Support Plus

When your team has questions or issues that arise from time to time, you want a responsive and effective telephone support crew who can help you overcome these problems without disrupting your workflow. Centerpoint offers Allworx IP Support Plus, a flat-fee service that gives you total coverage for any support ticket you submit.

  • Add, remove, or change users instantly.
  • Fast solutions for VoIP features such as auto-attendant, greetings, call routing, presence settings, vacation, schedules, and message-on-hold settings
  • Manage time changes, security settings, and data backup.
  • Get easy assistance for any network or troubleshooting issues.
  • Get your questions answered with expert insights from our IT specialists.

Allworx Specialty

Centerpoint can help you usher your phone system into the modern age with Allworx Specialty, a Unified Communication (UC) system that combines all your communication hardware and software into a single platform. You can stay connected with customers and staff far more easily. There are several benefits of using the Allworx Specialty UC system, including:

  • Connect with anyone from any device anywhere in the world.
  • Establish a reliable, solid foundation for business continuity.
  • Pick and choose the features you like according to your business needs.
  • Explore Unified Communication options that actually save you real money.
  • Access top-notch customer service from UC professionals that will not waste your time
  • Work with seasoned experts who can design your phone system and then implement it to your exact specifications.

Allworx Verge

Centerpoint IT provides the ultimate phone experience through Allworx Verge, a business telephone package that gives you all you need to get up and running. You get executive-level features at baseline prices. You can leverage your communication with tons of options. And, best of all, we can complete setup in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a traditional phone system.

With Allworx Verge, you can synchronize all of your mobile and in-house communication devices including headsets, phones, computers, and tablets. You can also access all data and software from a centralized cloud platform. Collaborate with other employees, send and receive files to and from customers, and operate from a secure server.s

We can help you customize your phone system according to your company’s unique needs. Our IT experts can sit down with you and map out your network, go over all your options, introduce you to new products, and then install the new system precisely the way you want it. Your new VoIP system can act as a supplement to your current phone system or completely replace it, no problem.

Dependable Atlanta IT Company

If you are looking for information technology companies in Atlanta, then contact Centerpoint IT. We offer cybersecurity, VoIP, cloud, and managed IT services for small and mid-sized business in the Atlanta area. To find out more about our IT services, call us today at (404) 777-0147. You can also message us on our contact page.