Even the “Wettest & Wildest” Businesses Rely on Microsoft Office 365

Bryce McDonald is an entrepreneur just like many of you—except, he’s in the water an awful lot.  As the founder of wake-surf board maker DAY 1 Wake, Bryce relies on Microsoft Office 365 to manage his vendors, satisfy his customers around the world, and grow his business.

Bryce must work closely with vendors to construct his custom-made wakeboards in a timely fashion and to exact customer specifications.  The capabilities in Office 365 allow him to do this.  Plus, Bryce is constantly in touch with his partner in California—And although he’s located in Seattle, Office 365 allows them to collaborate effectively.

Using Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive for Business gives Bryce the ability to share files and edit them with others in real time. Its cloud-based platform also makes adding vendors simple. This way, Bryce can be sure that everyone’s on the same page when designing, constructing and delivering his customers’ wakeboards. And with Excel, Bryce makes sure he’s “on the money” with every order.

Bryce’s customers want to know that they can reach him wherever he is. With Office 365, he can access his Dropbox and SharePoint accounts directly from his email. And, with the popular communication solutions integrated with Office 365 (like Skype and Yammer), he can message his customers and quickly set up a video meeting or chat to resolve their issues or concerns.

Plus, Bryce can work from anywhere, whether he’s on the road, in a meeting, or even on a boat! —He can quickly pull up files and edit them from any computer device, including his smartphone. (Yes, it’s waterproof!)

Customer satisfaction is what drives the growth of DAY 1 Wake—And with Office 365, Bryce, his partner, and the team know the boards they construct are exactly what the customer ordered.