Are your business phones helping you accelerate?

Or are they slowing you down?

Despite the advances in email, instant messaging, video conferencing and other forms of digital communication, the phone is still the primary choice in business these days. Everyone knows that when you need something done and you can’t make contact in person, you call them on the phone, simple as that.

Business Telephones

This is why it’s still so important to ensure that your business phones can meet the high-pace demands of your work environment. Whereas a slight delay can be forgiven when it comes to email, even a fraction of a second lag can throw off the rhythm and effect of an important conversation on the phone.

We know how vital your business phones are to your success, and we want to ensure that they can keep up with your work. Contact Centerpoint today at (404) 777-0147 or to get started. 

Centerpoint offers a reliable Unified Communications (UC) solution from Allworx for clients in the Forsyth County area. When combined with our industry-leading expertise, this unparalleled technology can provide your business with a range of advantages, including:

  • Vastly reduced costs in comparison to conventional communication solutions, such as landlines and overpriced VoIP services from larger providers.
  • Effective business continuity to ensure that your primary method for communication can be relied upon through most emergency situations.
  • UC Allworx’s comprehensive range of features including mobile connectivity, customized call routing, call data reporting, call recording, conference calling, auto attendant, voicemail to e-mail and much more.
  • Premium service from one of the only vendors with dedicated Phone Support and IT Support divisions operating in the North Georgia Area.
  • Enhanced connectivity that makes it easier to collaborate and connect with contacts while you’re on the go.

Our years of experience in designing IT infrastructure to support business telephones will allow us to equip you with a UC Allworx solution that directly meets your needs as a business.

Contact the Centerpoint team today at (404) 777-0147 or to revolutionize your Forsyth County business’ telephone systems with Allworx UC and Centerpoint.