Staying Alive and Strong in the 21st Century Marketplace

Today’s market realities have narrowed the choices for smaller enterprises: Keep up with the pace of change or drop out of the race. Breaking through the economic and competitive roadblocks to market-leading performance is a tall order for any size enterprise to fill, but for companies with limited management expertise, budgets, and technology resources, that challenge can become overwhelming. The odds of achieving success by struggling to go it alone are slim at best. That’s why partnering with people who can help you cut your most daunting tasks down to size is such a smart choice.

The Support You Need to Go the Distance

Whether your vital business operations depend on few employees or a few hundred, Centerpoint Direct can provide the additional expertise and resources needed to empower your company with the strength and agility to meet its key goals

  • Foster profitability and growth
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Increase workforce mobility
  • Optimize global communications
  • Extend market reach
  • Streamline operations
  • Cut overhead costs

Our mission is to provide smaller companies with affordable access to the same world-class capabilities that give Fortune 500 corporations their competitive edge.


  • Enterprise-class technology solutions: By providing whatever you need for a winning IT strategy-from in-depth planning expertise and scalable next-generation products to premier systems management and technical support-we can ensure your computing environment delivers the business efficiencies that attract top talent and fuel bottom-line growth.
  • Best practices and management expertise: Success in today’s tough business environment requires the flexibility to change on a dime. But unless you can call on the vision, knowledge, and skills of an experienced executive team, the complexities of adapting your technology and business strategies to new economic realities and changing market demands can slow your progress to a halt.  With our consulting services, you can stop trying to juggle the specialized tasks of CEO, CFO, CIO, operations manager, and other key roles; concentrate on your core business; and start moving forward.
  • Best-of-breed information security and content management: We can help you protect and fully capitalize on the value of your company knowledge with a complete solution to your information security, regulatory compliance, and document storage, workflow, and disaster recovery challenges.
  • Training: We can provide the first-class training resources required to ensure your employees quickly adopt and master the new technologies and business processes required to drive your profitability and growth.

Centerpoint Direct sees today’s business challenges through our clients’ eyes. This shared perspective and our strong commitment to the goals of small businesses have earned the trust and loyalty of companies throughout this region. Our clients know they can count on us for solutions that deliver the fast return investment and long-term value they need to grow and thrive.