Back-Up Disaster Recovery: What Can Happen if You’re Unprepared

iStock_000016057236XSmallIn today’s business world, many companies hold their entire business electronically. Paper files are falling by the wayside in favor of faster networks and better software. So what happens if technology fails?

Just in case we haven’t sufficiently convinced you of the importance of preparation, we thought we’d discuss a few worst-case scenarios.

The Impatience of Money

One huge impact of IT failure is the inability to bill customers or send payments to vendors. This can seriously impact your business if things are shut down for more than a few minutes.

In addition to tangible money lost, there’s an element of human capital to consider. Restoring and re-entering data takes time, and that manpower could always be concentrated elsewhere. Don’t pay someone after the fact just to get you back to where you originally were.

Replacing Data: Complex and Time Consuming

A fire breaks out in two identical buildings. The only difference is that one has a sprinkler system and one doesn’t. Would you rather be charged with rebuilding the former or the latter?

Your databases and IT system are not so different from a burning building. If you’ve installed the proper protections, cleaning up after a disaster is a fraction as complicated as it may have been. If you have a picture of your house before it’s, God forbid, destroyed in a tornado, it would be much easier to rebuild it back to its original form. But if you have no documentation, how can you expect to get back what you’ve lost?

This is especially important for those businesses with complicated client information, like medical professionals. Their entire practice centers around the ability to see patients and invoice them afterward. That’s impossible without the necessary technology and the protections that go with it.

Don’t take the risk. With the appropriate back-up system, you can avoid the chaos and get back to doing what you do best. Give us a call to find out how to protect your data.

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