Back-Up Disaster Recovery: From Problems to Solutions

In the last couple posts, we discussed the various things that can go wrong with your IT system. Now that you’re sufficiently nervous, let’s talk about the solutions.

When it comes to backing up your information, a little preparation could mean the difference between five minutes of lost time and days, or even weeks, of scrambling to reassemble your data.

Our Back-Up Disaster Recovery (BDR) system is the most effective way we’ve found to protect your information.

On-Site Equipment

The first we do is install an appliance on-site that takes regular images of your equipment, including computers, servers, desktops, etc. Pictures are snapped up to every 15 minutes, ensuring that we capture every update in real time.

After the pictures are taken, copies are sent to the cloud (data storage center). Already, any changes are well documented in two separate locations for extra security.

How the Images Work

All changes are closely monitored. So, in the event of a disaster, we’re able to boot-up your server remotely and get you back to work. If there’s an on-site equipment malfunction, the appliance is actually capable of acting as the server until we can switch you over to a  more permanent solution. There’s no time lost, and you can get back to doing business almost immediately.

If a file becomes corrupt, we’re able to restore it either locally or through the cloud. If the entire server melts down, either due to overuse or old age, the appliance takes over immediately. Then, we’re able to lift all of your data off of the damaged server and transfer it to the new one that we’ll install. It doesn’t matter if the systems aren’t compatiible.

It’s all about avoiding chaos and getting your system up and running again. We’re able to set you up with a back-up system that ensures the security of your company’s information. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of our customer service and guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power to get you running at 100%.

Give us a call to see how a BDR system could work for your business.

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