What Do BMWs and Atlanta IT Services Have In Common?

Does Your IT Support in Atlanta Perform and Deliver What It Should When It Should?

We get many inquiries from folks who want to know if we’re responsible, dependable, reliable, timely, and diligent. To them we can answer yes to all the above and then some. It’s obvious that business owners (probably just like you) are looking for an IT company that’s gifted; that has it all. Well, we’re happy to say that you don’t need any other IT support in Atlanta than Centerpoint IT. Period.

“Hey, that’s some big talk, there,” you may say. “How can you back up that statement?”

Well, we do that by demonstration of our collective IT wisdom – both in how we configure our IT service platform and in how we apply our skills as top-certified technicians.

We prove it in our rapid-response approach to IT support that begins as soon as we get the email or call. Our diligence runs the spectrum from serving our clients to plotting our technology “vector” to how we share our expertise with the staffs of many companies throughout the Atlanta area.

Which brings us back to the idea of Atlanta IT support.

For us, it’s much more than a market designation or marketing term. It’s our home, which we share with thousands of other business owners and professionals who need IT services that won’t fail them.

Because, it’s a matter of business life or death, really. If you don’t have the right crew of IT professionals taking care of your computer network, it’s like putting bald tires on a BMW and heading out onto the Autobahn, or I-75.

It’s dangerous and foolhardy.

What’s the point? The simple fact is, you need expert IT professionals like Centerpoint IT guiding you.

Our Strategic Atlanta IT Service Partners

One of the most attractive selling points we have right now is the fact that we’ve been an official member of the Microsoft partner network for over 10 years now. We enjoy building relationships with our own clients based upon our technical associations with our strategic partners.

Our associations with companies like Microsoft, Allworx, IBM, Dell, and a slew of others empower not only us, but also our valued clients.

Our expertise helps companies of all sizes master Microsoft Office 365 for business, no matter if you’re a mom and pop, startup, microbusiness, small, or larger corporate entity. And, we make the Office 365 mastering experience fun, enjoyable, and collaborative as well.

And, there’s so much more than that which makes us the go-to choice for many Atlanta businesses.

The Great Importance of Cyber Security

It’s arguably the #1 thing companies and their network admins are seeking in a qualified IT management company: reliable cyber security tools and management.

From compliance concerns to malware infiltration to employee snafus, it’s paramount for every computer-networked business.

We’re all aware of the pervasive and continuous dangers out there in cyber space. But, what can Centerpoint IT do to keep you safe?

A great deal, in fact!

Centerpoint is proud to offer our clients a fully-managed cyber security solution with end user reporting. We offer comprehensive IT and network security measures as a part of our service offering to pinpoint every possible vulnerability in your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Email filtering, encryption, and continuity services via GFIMail and MX Logic to ensure that your lines of communication are dependable.
  • Complete management of your WiFi with Bluesocket technology to keep your staff connected and productive.
  • Sonicwall solutions that keep your network secure from external threats with their proven firewall technology, with or without Global management and reporting, as needed.
  • Fully-managed antivirus and antimalware protection, to keep dangerous viruses from infecting your IT systems.
  • We also offer an invaluable Employee Monitoring Service with Veriato technology to ensure your staff is using business hours and resources in a productive (i.e. not insider-opportunistic or malicious) manner.
  • Our custom Storage Craft solution and offsite service will ensure that you have a recent and secure copy of your vital data in case your onsite system is comprised, which helps mitigate the risks of disasters and cybercrime.
  • We also provide penetration testing from a trusted third-party vendor to assess your security measures against a range of intrusive black hat methods and techniques.

Redefining Atlanta IT Services

Aside from our considerable computer tech support skills (or tied in with, rather) is our managed IT services platform – of which our cyber security solutions are just one part.

We’re also known as an MSP (managed services provider) for those of you unfamiliar with the managed services industry and how it works.

That means economy, streamlining of your IT budget, more coverage, and fewer redundant call-outs.

And, with every client, we’re stretching our Atlanta IT support acumen to see how much we can do for our neighbors in the business community, via application of the right resources, determining long-term strategies and network configurations, etc., because we enjoy seeing how much we can do for our clients as they do.

To learn more about what makes us your best bet on IT support in Atlanta, contact Centerpoint IT at (404) 781-0200 or sales@centerpointit.com today for more information or to get started right away!