Atlanta Door Manufacturer Needs a Better Server


Since 1967, Tucker Door and Trim has been building their name in the wholesale door and window business. Unfortunately, they reached a point in their growth when their aging technology was starting to hold them back. “Our network was over five years old, and it showed,” says Chad Harris, VP of Information and Management Services and General Manager. “Access to our network was very slow, and our need to expand was seriously hampered by our old servers. We knew it was time for an upgrade.”

Mr. Harris turned to CenterpointIT. “Centerpoint has been providing our managed services for years,” he says. “They’ve always proven to have our best interests at heart when it comes to our technology, and their prices are competitive as well.” Mr. Harris called co-founder, Wayne Gosselin for consultation on their upgrade decision. He assigned Kyle Setchel as lead engineer and sent him to Tucker Door and Trim to analyze the network.

“They had serious performance issues, says Setchel. “…their business was growing rapidly but their servers had no bandwidth to keep up with workflow. Consequently, they were experiencing a lot of downtime. It had become a full time job to deal with a broken solution.”

The Solution: IBM System X Servers

IBM has saved the day for many of our customers this year, due to its successful entry into the SMB market. The solutions it has designed to meet the pricepoint of small firms carryover enterprise-grade software and processing capabilities, making them one of the best products on the market. Period. “IBM Servers are built on the latest Intel Xeon processors with extreme processing power, superior energy-management and enhanced cooling features. They have twice the performance of their previous servers [Tucker Door and Trim’s].”

After witnessing the speed and convenience of his upgrade, Mr. Harris agrees, “The upgrades we received were very critical to our growing infrastructure – both for support and general access to our network and other available technologies. The new solution provides us with the proper warranty and support structure we need, as well as the expanded capabilities that we didn’t have before.”

At CenterpointIT, we consider your business from all the angles and ensure, with our experience and thoughtfulness, that we set you up for success. That distinguishes us as one of the best Atlanta IT providers, and we are honored to be a competitive advantage for our clients.

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