Will You Overlook Disaster Recovery?

Anything we have in our possession can also become a source of fear, if it can be taken away. Many businesses wonder whether reliance on IT is sustainable. They ask, will IT create real gains only for those gains to be lost to a misbegotten electric storm? Wouldn’t we be better off sticking to cannonballs and muskets?

IT loss aversion causes businesses to worry about losing functionality to power outages, Internet outages and system errors and for good reason. For a firm relying on ecommerce or electronic workflow, these mishaps can cost millions.

IT Risk Management – Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

When you approach us with concerns about your IT, we start by defining terms, such as disaster recovery, full business continuity and high availability. We associate costs with those words and show how the solution can be implemented into the different sections of your business. Along the way, we look for mission-critical functions.

If you rely heavily on cloud services, for instance, your business may benefit from redundant Internet connections. These ensure that if one Internet Service Provider (ISP) goes down temporarily, operations can continue as though nothing happened. If on-premise solutions connect multiple locations, you may want to leverage a data center as backup. A location can then go offline without disconnecting any other locations.

Optimizing Cost of IT Reliance

To offset costs, you can also sell your IT to others. Commercial real estate, help desk, Wi-Fi and services included with rent can be utilized for additional income. We can also set you up to offer hardware as a service. You purchase the hardware solution from us. We wrap in support, customize the solution, and stick your name on it. Then, you can turn around and offer it to your clients.

The right solution depends upon the nature of your business and how you choose to drive success. We’re here to listen and give you advice on how to decrease these risks.

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