Shouldn’t you be able to talk the way you want?

  • Isn’t it time for your business phone to know who your valuable contacts are?
  • With an Allworx® Verge™ on your desk and the Allworx Reach™ mobile app on your smartphone, you can talk on the go or in the office—Without missing a beat!
  • With the Allworx® Reach™ mobile app, use your favorite mobile device to handle important calls—Without sacrificing an iota of HD audio!

The Allworx® Verge™ and Reach™ mobile app are innovative, easy to use, and no one else in the phone business offers all the features they provide.

Contact Management is easier with:

  • Real-time sharing of all your contacts on your mobile phone and desk phone.
  • The ability to scroll through contacts on your Allworx desktop phone just like you do on your cell phone, with photos, message notifications, and more.
  • Share both personal and business contacts from your mobile devices (including your tablet/iPad).
  • Contact information from your various contact applications and social-media sites.

Hand-off calls to and from your mobile device and Allworx phone.  When you’re on your smartphone, walk into your office and connect to your Wi-Fi, you can send calls to your Allworx handset (and vice versa).  The person you’re speaking to won’t know you’ve switched phones. There’s a button on the Allworx phone that senses you’re on a mobile-phone call.  When you hit it, you’ll be sent your desktop speakerphone.

Plus, you can remotely control your Allworx phone from your smartphone and tablet, just as long as you’re connected to your Wi-Fi. And, you can pair up to 5 mobile devices, including headsets, set up different profiles and customize them.

And There’s More!

With Allworx® Verge™ and Reach™ You’ll Have Business Continuity During a Disaster Situation.

When storms cause phone and power lines to go down, you’ll still be able to make and receive business calls. You can to this remotely via your smartphone, and access messages from auto-attendants that continue to function via voicemail-to-email so your business can stay up and be running even when power and Internet access goes down in your office.

With Centerpoint IT and Allworx, you can be productive from anywhere to achieve your purpose. It’s like have a desk phone and smartphone all in one.
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