Upgrade To Allworx Connect Vx Business Telephone Services For Atlanta Businesses

Set your phone system FREE! It’s time to harness the power of the cloud for your business phones.

We’ve got good news and bad news.

Here’s the bad news first: your on-premise Allworx 6X or 48X phone system is outdated—if something fails, there is limited to no availability of parts to fix it.

The good news is that Allworx and Centerpoint IT are ready to seamlessly move your system and phones to the cloud.

Introducing the new, cloud-based Allworx Connect Vx voice service. For you, it means no upfront fees and a range of customizable features.

Our team of experts will seamlessly migrate your business from your old systems to the cloud without disrupting your workflow.

Fill out the form on this page to get started. Don’t forget to ask for 2 months FREE!

Get 2 Free Months In The Allworx Cloud

Trade-in your Allworx phone controller and get the first TWO months of Allworx Connect Vx Cloud voice services FOR FREE!!!

All you have to do is contact a cloud specialist on the Centerpoint IT team and we’ll take care of the rest.

We will swap your on-premise Allworx server hardware for the latest Allworx cloud-based Connect Vx system with a WOW feature set and every single benefit that comes with the cloud!

Set a discovery call with our team right now to get 2 MONTHS OF FREE SERVICE. That’s right—no upgrade fees, no upfront costs, AND the next two months are free.

Don’t pass up this chance to upgrade the way your business communicates at no additional cost.

What Is Allworx Connect Vx?

Allworx Connect Vx combines the WOW features you’re familiar with along with the many advantages provided by modern cloud-based technology. If you are new to Allworx then imagine a feature rich phone system that can be easily customized to your business needs. The best part is that you get all of that without having to pay a huge fee to upgrade or switch.

Business Telephone Services In Atlanta

Centerpoint IT will move your voice communications to the cloud quickly, inexpensively, and at a fraction of the typical upfront cost of a new on-premise phone system.

What Do You Gain By Upgrading?

  • Pay month-to-month (no capital expenses)
  • Scale-up with ease as your business grows
  • Access exciting new features
  • Benefit from secure & climate-controlled carrier-grade data centers
  • Enjoy 24/7/365 monitoring of your system performance and security
  • Rely on robust redundant systems with automatic failover
  • Utilize multiple ISP links
  • Enjoy lifetime warranty
  • Upgrade and access additional features easily

How We Achieve A Seamless Migration

Our team of cloud experts will ensure your migration to the Allworx cloud is seamless and quick, causing no disruption to your work process or end-user experience.

We will handle the entire migration process, managing it each step of the way to make sure it goes smoothly.

We offer onsite and remote support to help you resolve any sort of configuration and/or troubleshooting issues right away.
Move Your Business Phones To The Cloud (FOR FREE!)
Why wouldn’t you make the change right now?

By moving to Allworx Connect Vx, you eliminate the risks of your outdated systems, harness the power of the cloud, and PAY NO FEES to upgrade for existing Allworx customers.

Don’t forget to ask about our FREE trade-in options and phone handset upgrades for current Allworx customers.

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