Allworx Interact Softphone

Designed with the remote workplace in mind, the Allworx Interact Softphone provides a PC-based business phone system that your employees need to stay connected.

Introducing The Allworx Interact Softphone

You’re likely familiar with Allworx’s Reach App, which turns your smartphone into a desktop business line. You may also have experience with Allworx Interact, which provides all the call controls of a phone, but on your PC.

Put them together, and you get Allworx Interact Softphone. Check out this video for an overview of this new product:

Allworx Interact Softphone offers remote users the best of both worlds:

  • Full-fledged call control and features on a PC interface
  • The ability to make and receive phones calls just as you would at your desk in the office

Want to give it a try? Centerpoint IT has access to licensing to give to clients prior to the wide release of the product. To learn more and give it a try, get in touch with our team today.

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