Agile Web Conferencing Software Drives Innovation in Financial Services and Wins Clients


Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of being connected to Innovative Financial Group (IFG). The reason for our engagement? They had a video-conferencing problem, and we had the right web conferencing software solution.

A Little about IFG and Why iMeet Is Right for Financial Services

IFG is a mid-sized, multifaceted financial planning company. They drive financially sound decisions in everything from life insurance, to business planning and retirement. In 2004, they rebranded to underscore their innovative approach.


That rebrand is coming into sharp focus and helping them grow during a relatively stagnant economy in 2014. The firm is now 50 representatives strong, and 4 new workers are joining within the next two months (+8%).


They came to us after deciding not to renew their old video-conferencing technology, which had been used for group meetings that spanned the organization’s locations throughout Tennessee and Georgia. Nothing was “wrong” with their old video portal; they just couldn’t use it very often.


Canceling the old video still posed a problem for some locations, however, which relied on video for some mission-critical services. Caught between a rock and a hard place, IFG’s New-Business Manager, Tiffany Forkum, met with us to discuss options.


We told her about our preferred web conferencing software, a cloud-enabled SaaS called iMeet. We set up demo accounts for their branch locations. That was in May, 2014. After that brief trial, IFG decided to use the solution.


Because iMeet is a cloud-enabled service, the price is distributed evenly on a month-to-month basis, but the best reasons for purchase were functionality and convenience.


After putting video to work for a few months, we asked Tiffany how the service was going and whether it was living up to expectations. She told us about how IFG has every confidence in iMeet, and they use the application for more than support functionality. Now, they are harnessing the technology to attract more business and improve customer service.The extremely positive response was amazing to hear!


So much so, we have posted articles about the strategic advantages IFG enjoys, which has helped it “meet” its strategic business goals:


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If you have any more questions or would like to set up a free trial, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.