Agenday: A New Smart Calendar Tool to Optimize Your Meetings

smart-cal-centerpoint-300x250Ever make a “mental note” to send a meeting invite after you get back to your workstation? OK, how many times did you remember that “mental note” immediately? And… How many times did that mental note slip through the cracks entirely?


Or are you reading this because the last time you decided to “wait until you made it back to the desktop,” you forgot until the very last minute, when you organized a last-ditch, impromptu on-the-fly seat-of-your-pants meetings, which the co-workers are still taunting you about?


We all get it. We have been there. We know exactly what happened. But here’s the thing: Now that Agenday has streamlined meeting invites on mobile, you have no excuse.


Agenday’s Innovation Is Simple But Effective

Mobile meeting invitations are simple.


  1. Select the meeting from your calendar.
  2. Tap the “Message” button.
  3. Select “Forward Meeting Invite.”
  4. Choose recipients.
  5. Done.


Agenday makes invitations work like they should – quick and easy.


Many More Functions

Agenday is a SmartCalendar app with many other useful features for the entire workforce. For instance, the app combines all calendars and contacts in the same, simple interface, allowing you to integrate work and play. One touch gives you access to conferences, web meetings, and messaging to invitees.


Agenday also stores dial-in numbers and passcodes and deploys the appropriate numbers for you, so all you need to do to jump on the call is click. And the app automatically chooses the lowest-cost way to connect to the call, saving the company money. Again, all you need to do is click.


Salespeople will find a lot of use in the synchronization with Salesforce, and the dashboards, which provide meeting tips and LinkedIn profiles of meeting participants. All the relevant information on invitees – sent only when you need it.


Who Made Agenday, Anyway?

Communications app veteran PGi, the creator of iMeet (also a favorite of ours), architected Agenday to enhance meeting performance for everyone. The intention is to bring you one step closer to iMeet, but honestly, we think iMeet is a big step forward for small businesses anyway.
If you would like a test-drive or more information, please give us a call!