Enterprise-Class Instant Messaging, VoIP, and Conferencing for a Minimal Investment 

Now you can give your employees fingertip access to the new business efficiencies of release 2 of Microsoft’s unified messaging environment—without purchasing your own server or hiring an in-house IT staff to manage it. With our affordable monthly service plans, all you need is an Internet connection to streamline communications and extend rich presence information wherever your company does business.


We do all the heavy lifting and provide the comprehensive technology resources needed to ensure the security of your data and the availability, performance, and reliability of your applications. A predictable monthly subscription fee covers the cost of repairs, upgrades and licenses.


Bypass the expensive risks of ownership and gain all the benefits of this feature-rich platform:


  • Next-generation collaborative tools—Group chat rooms for efficiently sharing information across offices and time zones; virtual meeting rooms for live presentations; and dial-in audio-conferencing and desktop sharing between Windows, Mac, and Linux users.
  • Secure instant messaging—Real-time communication with partners, customers, and team members without the risks of public IM services.
  • Advanced call management—Fast, easy handling and routing of multiple incoming calls.
  • Enterprise-wide presence information—Access to contacts’ availability, line status, location, and schedule from desktop applications and mobile devices; customization of presence information for different groups.
  • Enhanced audio and video functionality—Full duplex audio and video and on-premises video monitoring for optimal sound and picture quality.
  • Cost savings—Web conferencing reduces travel expense; lower long-distance costs with VoIP; on-premises audio-conferencing avoids outsourcing fees.