6 Technologies Atlanta Business Owners Need To Know

Technology is a vital component of any business operation. Businesses in Atlanta need digital marketing tools and platforms more than they need traditional marketing solutions.

6 Technologies Atlanta Business Owners Need To Know

Technology is a vital component of any business operation. Businesses in Atlanta need digital marketing tools and platforms more than they need traditional marketing solutions. With the corporate world changing at an alarming rate, it is essential to understand the latest advances in the world of technology.

As a business owner in Atlanta, you need to be conversant with several technologies. Some of these technology solutions include;

1. Mobile Responsive Websites

Businesses with responsive web designs have the capacity to attract followers from any device. A business owner in Atlanta must understand how the buttons and texts look on various websites. Consequently, you must get a business IT consulting firm to work on your essential website and elements. Your visitors should have the capacity to scroll right and left to see images and read texts.

A poorly designed web page deters customers, and it will lead to a reduction in your overall e-commerce sales. You should also be aware that more people use smartphones and tablets to browse than those who use other devices.

For instance, your web page may have several columns when it is displayed on a desktop screen. However, the same columns may not work on mobile devices. Consequently, you must create a website design that displays all the content on desktops, but it can change mobiles and tablets.

WordPress websites can be responsive if you tweak them well. Any WordPress theme is only ideal for desktop viewing. For you to make it responsive on mobile devices, you need to change the layout contents and design to a single column.

2. Implement Cloud Services

The common trend among businesses today is to move their services to the cloud. Instead of purchasing your own servers and employing IT professionals to manage the servers, you can save money by moving your services and operations to the cloud.

Cloud services are cheaper, flexible, and responsive. Your business can access these services from anywhere and at any time. In an era where employees have to be on the move, such flexibility is a godsend.

Cloud services are available in several mediums. You can choose from the on-demand availability computing services, the broader network computing services, multi-tenant services, and other cloud computing packages.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase an entire cloud computing server, you can opt for the multi-tenant model. This is where you share cloud computing resources with other people, but you don’t expose your business to any security breaches. The privacy of your business remains intact.

3. Acquire VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over internet protocol systems is the most advanced communication system for businesses today. Essentially, voice-over-internet-protocol allows your customers to communicate with you without spending any money. The cost of VOIP calling is catered by your business. Additionally, VoIP allows your business to suggest phone numbers that customers can use to reach you when your phone number is off.

Most businesses embed their VoIP business phone number into the cloud systems. This enables them to track and evaluate calls using several parameters. You can even customize it to look like an automated help desk center. Luckily, the cost of implementing voice-over-internet-protocol is cheap, and, therefore, small businesses can easily integrate it into their operations.

4. Get Email Marketing Automation Software

It is true that social media is the leading platform for advertisements. But email marketing can provide several advantages that social media platforms can’t provide. Consequently, you should acquire an exemplary email marketing software. The software should be able to differentiate between leads and spam. You can purchase mailing lists from brokers and other legitimate sellers.

It’s a good idea to create short but exciting emails. Nobody wants to read an email with many words and explanations. Instead, they want to see something that is short, catchy, and trendy.

Using email marketing enables companies in Atlanta to reach a vast range of potential customers without spending too much money. This is ideal for small businesses operating on a tight budget. Small businesses don’t have the financial muscle to conduct mass media advertisements on radio and television. Moreover, email marketing allows your business to segment customers into specific categories. Each customer can then receive a customized message speaking to their needs.

5. Get Advanced Security Infrastructure

Small and medium businesses need the latest online security infrastructure. Any lapses within your security system are likely to cause unimaginable damages. With technology rapidly changing, you must get a security structure that can detect new threats promptly. Although other businesses in Atlanta hire internal network security experts, you should look for an IT consulting firm that deals with hackers every day. These experts will tell you how threats emerge.

Business technology communications enhance business operations, but they are at risk of running into hackers. Generally, businesses with many smart devices increase their risk of compromise by hackers. Just one hacked device can bring the entire network down. Consequently, smart devices must be connected to the main security infrastructure for regular security check-ups

Your security infrastructure must be updated every week to identify emerging vulnerabilities. Some IT security experts also propose that networks be isolated from critical systems unless there is an intelligent security system in place.

6. Customer Relationship Management System

Your business conducts hundreds of interactions with customers every month. At the same time, the business is trying to convince potential customers to purchase products and services. These operations can be confusing.

You need a system that can automatically manage these relationships and improve efficiency. A customer relationship management system is the ideal solution for this task.

CRM software stores critical client data, such as their contact information and other identifying tips. Moreover, the system can analyze the data in real-time. Your employees can use these insights to improve their pitch. Ultimately, CRM software can overhaul your business’s entire interactions with current and potential clients.

Final Take

New technologies are entering the market each month. No business in Atlanta can implement all of them, but you should be aware of the main ones.

If you implement the technologies that we have explained above, your Atlanta business will be one step ahead. Alternatively, you can contact us to know more about the latest business technologies.