5 Reasons to Put VMWare Virtualization Solutions on Your Wishlist


It is not hyperbole to say: VMWare has drastically increased the output of the world’s existing IT and decreased its energy consumption. The solution achieves powerful results through efficiency gains, coordinating the proper management of IT resources across server populations.

One study (Green Grid, 2009) took a sampling of 500 servers from a data center without and with virtualization. The experiment consolidated IT resources and reduced energy consumption by over 90%.

Since that time VMWare has benefitted from Teradici chips, which are made to augment the power of VMWare products and optimize performance. The combination has resulted in a best-in-class IT solution. Our clients have appreciated the following benefits:

  1. High-quality audio and video for virtual conferencing
  2. BYOD-enabled
  3. Power savings
  4. Maintenance and upgrade savings
  5. Managed IT resources allow you to divert processing power on an as-needed basis

Allocating IT Resources

Many businesses are forced to work around their IT. They operate within the constraints of their resources. Some companies will run reports overnight, or over the weekend. What happens when a client needs an answer before EOD?

VMWare allows you to route your computing resources where they are needed most. Combined with Teradici, the solutions now available to small businesses empowers your IT to handle your system requirements and retain a streamlined user experience. Watch the video we posted about Teradici to see how VMWare performs under “stress.”

The result is better performance and increased redundancy from automatic, dynamic CPU management.

Virtualization Step by Step

Most of our clients need to experience preliminary results of virtualization before they jump into a zero-client infrastructure, “whole hog.” We can accommodate you with whatever pace you set, replacing workstations one at a time if necessary. We are willing to do this because of our emphasis on customer service, as well as our confidence in VMWare/Teradici.