3 Tips for Happy and Productive Employees

Last week we talked about business productivity and how to make your business as productive as possible in 2016. Now we will discuss how to make sure your employees themselves are happy and thus more productive. Happy employees are productive employees. And, productive employees results in happy customers. It’s a simple formula.

  1. Dual Monitors. “WHAT?” is what people might say when they see the setup, but this is probably the simplest way to increase your employees productivity. Research has shown, time and time again, that dual monitors lead to a 30% or more increase in productivity. Dell reports that dual monitors leads to higher creativity in employees, greater employee satisfaction, more versatility, and a faster rate of development and design. “Dual-monitor users outperformed single monitor users by more than 2 minutes..”
  2. New Computers. Again…WHAT? It’s so simple! If your employees are using 8 year old laptops, not only is the operating system outdated leaving your more vulnerable, but the computer is probably slow. A slow computer means an employee is waiting around for things to load, and decreasing their productivity. I don’t know about you, but if I have to wait for something, I start doing something else, typically something less productive. You can increase your employee’s happiness and productivity simply by upgrading their computer, and you might even save money on a new one, instead of continually fixing the old ones.
  3. Measure their productivity. We provide a high-end software that manages everything your employees are doing at their computers. Sounds kind of Big Brother-ish, but you do have the right to know what your employees are doing. By telling all your employees that you are monitoring everything that they do, they will become more productive. If they know that you can see they spend 3 hours on Facebook everyday, they might start spending a little less time on social media and a little more time in their inbox.


You can also find free tools such as Rescue Time that can help you monitor your own productivity. It can show you how productive you were each day by logging how much time was spent on different sites or activities. Encourage your employees to look at this as well.

This all may seem like pennies, nickels and dimes with the “save two minutes here and there” but if you take those minutes that are not productive, multiply them by days, weeks, hourly wage, and see how much time and money you are losing, you will be amazed.

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