Centerpoint IT Lead Process


This process has been put in place to insure that all leads are handled and tracking in an appropriate manner to insure the highest level of customer experience with any and all potential business.

Process steps

  1. If the lead comes in via phone take down key information (Who, What, Where?)
    1. Are you a current customer? (Y/N)
      1. If No create account in TigerPaw with information below
        1. Company name
        2. Contact Name
        3. Phone number
        4. Email address
      2. If Yes confirm accuracy of information listed above
    2. Ask what can we help with?
      1. Confirm Category
        1. Managed IT
        2. Allworx
        3. Allworx DR/Support
        4. Managed Security
        5. Managed Back-up
        6. Microsoft Cloud
        7. Managed Wireless
        8. Server/PC Hardware
        9. Network Storage
        1. Virtualization
        2. Structured Cabling
        3. Veriato 360
        4. Telecom services
        5. Physical Security
        6. Digital Signage
        7. Printers/ Scanners
        8. Cloud Other
        9. Training
      2. Take key notes and information to pass along to sales
    3. Confirm what source the lead came from: Where did you find Centerpoint?
      1. Customer
      2. Customer referral
      3. Referral Partner
      1. Vendor Referral
      2. Web
      3. Other
  2. Attempt to transfer the call to the assigned Rep if available. If not, send to sales manager if available or another available rep.
    1. If no rep is available send call to Don’s voicemail
  3. Then create the opportunity with same day deadline for follow-up. (Status 01-Suspect)
  4. Email note to Rep and CC to confirm the new opportunity
  5. Leads from Centerpoint employee should be sent to with all key information listed above or fill out our lead web form.

Key Items and clarification:

  • All leads need as much detail as possible before sending to the appropriate rep. (Who, What, Where)
  • All leads need account info in Tigerpaw and need an opportunity created
  • Any lead that comes from an existing customer should be given to the assigned sales person.
  • If a determination cannot be made for the lead, send to Don and CC
  • All accounts including referral partners and vendors should be in Tigerpaw where the primary rep is easily identified. The rep is responsible for adding in all referral partners with them listed as the primary rep.
  • In the event that a new lead comes in and Don is unavailable by extension or cell phone, and the person needs immediate help, and if Wayne is unavailable, assign to Roger or Wendy.