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Today, phone systems are more than just something people talk on, they’re part of the communication fabric of business. Phone systems help your company make money, and when they don’t work—Guess what? —Your customers get upset and may even take their business to your competitor. You don’t want this to happen now, do you?

Let’s face it—Your old PBX or Key system is a “dinosaur.” And, there’s no “Jurassic Park” theme park where you can take your “prehistoric” phone system and bring it back to life. The dinosaurs died off some 65.5 million years ago. Isn’t it about time you took your ancient PBX or Key system and make it a museum piece that future generations can mock? They’ll probably ask, “Did people really talk on that thing?”

But, some will say, “My current phone system still works!” For now, that is.

Here are four reasons why you don’t want to hold onto that outdated phone system any longer:

  1. Locating parts for your current system is very
  2. Even if parts can be found, they’re at a premium
    price which could be costly.
  3. It takes about 3 to 4 days, if not longer, to install
    a new system.
  4. You lose revenue while trying to repair your
    archaic, downed system.

Allworx VoIP Phone Systems are inexpensive to operate—And get this—Centerpoint takes care of EVERYTHING starting at $125 per month for UP to 5 phones. Repairs, changes, backup systems —Everything is covered and you still only pay $125 for 5 phones.

Sounds like a great deal, right? But, there’s more!

An Allworx Phone System supported by Centerpoint IT allows:

  • You to travel anywhere, connect from any location and remain connected to your phone system.
  • You to have all of your contacts in a single location. Contacts can be stored in Outlook, on your mobile phone or on your desk phone.
  • Instant call hand off from your desk phone to your mobile device, and vice versa without missing a beat.

Plus, it provides many more easy-to-use, business-building features.

Ready to take that giant leap forward? Speak with a Centerpoint Allworx specialist right now and take advantage of our 5 phones for $125 per month special. (404) 781-0200