On The FIFTH Day Of Christmas…

Backup and Disaster Recovery!

For our fifth day in the 12 Days of Christmas, we want to help your business save Christmas with Back Up and Disaster Recovery.

Without the right Business Continuity contingencies, your business won’t be able to stay in operation during an emergency. While many assume that a simple data backup solution is sufficient, the reality is that true Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery means planning to keep your business operating, no matter what. For your plan to succeed, you have to be able to RECOVER.

Allow Centerpoint IT to help.

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Our Multi-Faceted Business Continuity plan will help you address and recover from a range of emergencies, simple as that.

  • Understand the Effects of a Disaster: Considering the worst-case scenario is the best way to plan against it. By calculating the costs and consequences of interruption to business processes, you can better mitigate the risks.
  • Document Your Resources: The better understanding you have of your own business — from employees to external contacts, to critical technological assets — the more prepared you will be to return to an operational state after disaster strikes.
  • Identify Vital Documentation: Even during the fallout of a disaster, your bills still have to be paid on time. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that important documentation such as this is backed up and accessible no matter the emergency.
  • Identify Potential Risks: By understanding the risks posed to your business — electrical failure, region-specific weather, human error, etc. — you can more effectively plan to avoid them.
  • Develop a Strategy: With all this information in mind, we can help you form a plan that protects your vital assets, shows your employees how to react to a disaster, and minimizes potential downtime as a whole.
  • Determine Technology Solutions: During any disaster, you need to know that your emergency technology can be relied upon and that your employees know how to use it. By thinking about this ahead of time, you can reduce your investment in Disaster Recovery IT to specifically what is needed.
  • Ensure Your Backup Capability: To keep you protected during emergency situations, Centerpoint backs up your valuable data on a regular basis. Therefore, no matter what happens to your data onsite, a recently updated version is always available as a contingency.
  • Test Your Plan: Regardless of the Business Continuity solutions that we develop for your business, you have to be confident they will work! By testing the emergency procedures and systems on a regular basis, we can ensure that they will really help you recover from a disaster.