Allworx Specialty Support from A Reputable Service Provider

Traditional phone systems aren’t just illogical; they’re inefficient as well. Using legacy solutions is a sign that your company is heading towards obsolescence. Intelligent entrepreneurs usually focus on supporting their interests with advanced, highly efficient telecommunication solutions. This is where Allworx comes in.

Whether you wish to replace your entire phone system or need an infrastructure that takes your business into the VoIP technologies of the future, you can count on Allworx for phone systems that grow as your business expands. This advanced communications solution offers excellent features, is easy to use, and can offer sufficient ROI to drive business growth.

As a trusted Allworx partner, we’ll help your business achieve future-proof communications by providing a top-shelf IP-based system that can scale with your expanding business.

Allworx Specialty Support from A Reputable Service Provider
Allworx Service Overview

Allworx Service Overview

This award-winning VoIP phone system is perfect for startups and medium-sized organizations that need a powerful and affordable communication platform. The service has more than 52,000 systems installed globally.

The communication solution lets you use all the features of a traditional business phone system alongside additional capabilities like scalability, cloud capabilities, and advanced mobility to simplify collaboration and communication across your mobile devices, handsets, and computers.

Whether you’re a growing business that needs an affordable yet efficient phone system or an established corporate entity that requires advanced functionality and features, Allworx will deliver the perfect service plan to address your needs, boost your growth, and improve your ROI.

We have all the Allworx products your needs, and you’ll enjoy highly competitive rates whether you wish to rent or purchase a solution. What’s more, there are no hidden costs: you’ll get exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and an honest pricing structure.

Which are the Main Allworx Capabilities?

Small- and medium-sized organizations are attracted to this communication solution due to the following reasons:

Feature-Filled Business Voice System

Feature-Filled Business Voice System

It doesn’t matter where your teams are located; Allworx can be the perfect fit for your organization. Whether they’re at a central location or in multiple areas, desk-bound or on the road, they can always enjoy great features that let them make outbound calls and receive the inbound ones.

Constant System Updates

Constant System Updates

Allworx regularly releases software updates that augment the currently existing capabilities and add new features. These updates are usually based on the provider’s performance evaluations and real customer feedback.

All-In-One Approach

All-In-One Approach

The top-shelf communication system offers lots of advanced VoIP features such as auto attendants, voicemail-to-email, presence settings that let you customize call routing, and many more. Notably, you don’t have to pay an additional cost.

Feature-Filled Business Voice System

A Simple Platform

Allworx offers a straightforward platform, and the web-based system administration comprises four access levels. This allows users to add, adjust, or remove the features based on their needs.

Allworx Disaster Recovery Services

Once you’ve deployed the Allworx communication platform, you need a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that aids reconstruction and ensures you resume normal operations after an incident.

Unanticipated emergencies are inevitable, and they present various adverse risks to both small and established organizations. So if you don’t have the appropriate IT support measures, a simple power outage or severe storm could lead to a company phone system outage.

You’ll have little or no means of recovering and resuming your operations in good time, and the downtime could lead to substantial losses and harmed productivity.

With a comprehensive business continuity plan, you’ll perfectly prepare your networks and systems for unforeseen events and emergencies. But how can you be sure that you’ve eliminated the risk entirely if you don’t have the right in-house expertise? This is where partnering with the business phone experts like the Centerpoint team comes in.

Centerpoint is the sole provider of custom disaster recovery planning for business phone systems. Working with these professionals is the best solution to keep your primary communication channels fully protected and supported in any emergency.

In addition, hiring our phone disaster recovery services lets you enjoy the following:

  • Your phone systems will be prepared for any disaster affecting their functionality. These events may range from natural occurrences, power outages, human error, or cybercrime.
  • If you lose your phone system, we’ll provide you a comprehensive failover to a new setup. This way, you and your company staff will stay in touch with clients, colleagues, and other crucial contacts.
  • You’ll get an unmatched two-hour response time to recover your lost system completely.
Allworx Disaster Recovery Services

Why Partner with Centerpoint

Partnering with Centerpoint will help you modernize your company’s communication systems using Allworx’s Unified Communications (UC) solution. This advanced system will convert your entire communication infrastructure into a vital competitive edge.

For over six years, we’ve been the top Allworx consultant and dealer. We’re highly reputable for our innovative tools, and you can rely on us for the best solution to keep all stakeholders connected.

You’ll get the following benefits by partnering with us:


Mobility – Partnering with us will keep you and your entire team reachable on the go. We’ll help you extend the Allworx IP phone to your Android and iOS devices, allowing you to contact people and receive calls like you’re in the office.

Comprehensive service

Comprehensive service – Partnering with us lets you enjoy great services like IT support and dedicated phone support under one roof. We’ll ensure your communication systems and overall IT infrastructure perform optimally at all times.

Reliable business continuity

Reliable business continuity – We’ll comprehensively protect your first line of communication during unforeseen situations like power outages and inclement weather to keep you functional throughout the adversity.

Lower costs

Lower costs – We’ll handle your communication infrastructure at an affordable rate, and you’ll divert your resources and efforts to other vital areas of your business.

Numerous innovative features

Numerous innovative features – We’re out to simplify your communication and increase efficiency by helping you leverage vast innovative features like call data reporting, customized call routing, conference calling, call recording, voicemail-to-email, and auto attendant.

Security and backup

Security and backup – We’ll also help you achieve a robust and secure backup system to help you maneuver adversity and maintain your communication and productivity after unforeseen incidents.

Custom communication solutions

Custom communication solutions – Our information communication technology experts will work with your in-house team to establish the ideal phone system to address your needs and business goals.

Do you have any questions about Allworx deployment in your organization? Talk to us today for the most appropriate communications and IT solutions for your business.

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