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ITessentials provides everything you need when it comes to IT maintenance and support – and with this deal, it’s even more worthwhile! Benefits include:

  • Minimal Downtime: You can no more afford downtime than you can afford losing customers. When the burdens of managing your technology get in the way, your customers suffer the consequences. Thankfully, ITessentials keeps you ahead of the curve by heading off downtime before it starts with:
  • Server Monitoring: We proactively monitor the health of this critical, crucial business system.
  • Network/Internet Monitoring: We continually scrutinize your Internet connectivity performance.
  • Workstation Monitoring: We remotely watch for common workstation problems and vulnerabilities.
  • Patch Management: We manage security and patch updates for supported Microsoft programs and common office applications to ensure optimal performance and security.
  • Managed Antivirus: We deploy managed antivirus on your network servers and workstations to monitor, manage, report and remediate viral threats quickly.
  • Reporting: We provide professional graphical reports to help you spot trends and monitor performance on your network.
  • Alerts: We observe and manage your network’s health from our operations center.
  • Professional IT Support Hours: Each package includes one hour per month of IT support to use as you wish. Use it for remediation of IT issues, IT projects or remote support.
  • Discounted Prepaid IT Hours: ITessentials customers can select deeply discounted IT support/project packages to help accurately budget for monthly IT spending.
  • Remote Support: Remote support is only one click away for servers and workstations.